Water & Sanitary

In the segment of water-bearing plastic parts, Gerdes is steadily expanding its market share.
The requirements for technical plastic parts, for example, are enormous.

High pressure loads in the construction of new buildings, as well as rapid changes from hot to cold water require highly complex and stable raw materials, such as PPSU, PA6-GF30, PA6-GF50. These materials have a very abrasive effect in the injection mould and require special knowledge in the field of mould technology. We guarantee mould service lives of up to 1 million cycles even with these raw materials.

In addition, our portfolio includes the overmoulding of inserts and the assembly of seals and sleeves.

Product solutions

  • Processing of complex granulates (PPSU, PA6-GF30, PA6-GF50)

  • Technical plastic parts with the highest requirements

  • Tool guarantee up to 1 million shots

  • Incl. overmoulding of inserts and assembly of seals and sleeves

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