Manufacturing process incl. finishing

Gerdes Kunststoff-Technik covers all common manufacturing processes - and does so in a largely fully automated manner. Robot-supported handling technology efficiently takes over the feeding and removal of the products at our production sites. We produce components in a range from 10gr - 1500gr shot weight. Our core competence is the quality-assured production of design parts with high-gloss surfaces as well as technical functional parts and the processing of glass-fibre reinforced high-temperature plastics.

  • 1K

  • 2K

  • 3K

  • Silver injection moulding

  • Hybrid injection moulding (metal & foil)

  • Processing glass fibre reinforced high temperature plastics

  • Bioplastics

  • Clear components (PMMA , Plexiglas)

  • CT measurement

  • Milling

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Hot stamping

  • Screen printing

  • Pad printing

  • Conditioning

  • Assembly

  • Final assembly

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