Nowadays, the healthcare industry plays a crucial role in our society and the importance of medical devices and instruments is constantly growing. The development and production of these devices requires high-quality materials, especially plastics, which must meet the high requirements in terms of stability and resilience.

In this context, glass-fibre reinforced high-temperature plastics are of great importance. The production of such plastic components requires the highest precision and care to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the medical devices. It is particularly important that the surfaces of the components can be painted and antibacterially treated

  • Processing of glass-fibre reinforced high-temperature plastics (PPSU, PA6-GF30, PA6-GF50)

  • Cooperation with finishing partners regarding lacquered and antibacterial surfaces

  • Optical, as well as technical parts in the large machine range 650 - 900 To with the highest requirements

  • Production of all plastic components for technical medical devices

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