Production processes

The Gerdes Kunstoff-Technik portfolio takes into account all the typical production processes - fully automated to the maximum. Automated work technology allows you to efficiently deliver and receive products from our plants.

Customers appreciate Gerdes Kunststoff-Technik, because by using thought-out production processes, we can efficiently produce both small elements as well as complicated and technologically advanced components. Our key competence is the production of high-quality construction parts with high gloss and technical functional parts. The high degree of automation combined with the flexible plastic injection molding units ensure high productivity and production quality.

  • injection molding - 1K

    Perfection in standard technology: surfaces with high gloss, dimensional accuracy and a large variety of products characterize injection of plastics from one component (1K injection).

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    We know what is achievable today thanks to this process. For over 50 years, Gerdes Kunstoff-Technik shapes thermoplastics so precisely that there is generally no need to correct them. There are virtually no limits on the variety of products in terms of size, colour and geometry.

  • injection molding with 2 or 3 components - 2/3K

    Whether 2K or 3K: the multi-component technology offers many advantages - primarily as a result of reduced work preparation and assembly times as well as costly refinement of injection-molded plastics.

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    If separate injection elements were previously required for these applications, which had to be assembled manually, Gerdes Kunststoff-Technik produces them today in one single process. In the 2K and 3K processes, for example, you can effectively and precisely combine different colours of plastics and types of materials for advanced products in one production process. Therefore, in this highly demanding field of plastic injection molding techniques, it is very important to know and understand the compatibility of materials so that a permanent connection can be established. The customers of Gerdes Kunststoff-Technik seem to rely at this point on our competence at an early stage of product development.

  • Hybrid injection (metal and foil)

    Today's manufacturing processes allow you to combine parts of products together during injection. The advantages of injection joining are clear as day: plastics combined with metal. Plastics in combination with foils, almost unlimited combinations are possible here - and all in one production process. In this way, we save time in Gerdes Kuststoff-Technik and at the same time your money.


    Examples of metal components that are inserted into the tool mold prior to plastic injection molding can be found in various electrical devices. Brass threaded bushings, metal sheet adjustment washers, assembly aids and steel screws. Also, in the automotive industry, complex injection molding is appreciated and used in many applications. Another interesting technique is the so-called "Inmold-Decoration". A special feature of this technique of plastic injection molding: pre-packaged and end-printed films are pre-or additionally sprayed as high-quality decorative elements. Further refinement of the component can thus usually be omitted. The use of printed foils makes the possibility of individual and economical production of products using the method of injection molding - usually with large quantities of lots. Because with Inmold Decoration (IMD process), the foil decides about diversity, there is no problem with a large multitude of decorations, created with the help of an injection device.

  • Injection molding of silver

    One of our basic competences is injection molding of silver so-called plastics pigmented with metal. Experiences from the past combined with current technologies constantly expand our practical knowledge (know how) and spectrum of products. In this way, we focus on profitable production in an active and customer-oriented way. For many years, we have been producing silver injection molding for reputable clients of household appliances, among others: buttons, inserts for handles and handles in high quality without any further improvement.

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