Dekoration & Montage (INLINE)

  • Screen printing, pad printing, painting

    Screen printing and pad printing are proven printing processes for injection-molded plastic parts. At Gerdes Kunstoff-Technik, refinement works are carried out using automated four-colour screen printing and pad printing devices with drying lines running in the next stage, which ensures high repeatable quality and efficiency.

    Siebdruck, Tampondruck, Lackieren

    Pad printing
    Hot stamping

    In pad printing we use a technique that allows precise application of paint even on surfaces with a very free shape. In the field of varnishing and electroplating, we rely on the long-term cooperation and competence of our suppliers' networks in which only professionals work.

  • Milling

    In the plastic injection molding technique, standardized as much as possible, in further processing with maximum flexibility, creating product variants. This method of work, practiced by Gerdes Kunststoff-Technik, has many advantages for our customers: lower tool costs, higher productivity due to larger lots and reduced tooling changes during production, better response capability, maximum flexibility, more reliable component availability. In this context, as a system supplier, we also include CNC milling and drilling technology as our key competencies.

    2K/3K Spritzguss

  • Ultrasonic welding

    Ultrasonic welding is the most proven method of combining thermoplastics - also for permanent joining. The heat required for these, results from high frequency mechanical vibrations between the elements.


    As a consequence, it is a purely physical process without additional glue pollutants that burden the environment. Further advantages of ultrasonic welding are fast cycle times with a clean and strong connection at the same time.

  • Final assembly

    From plastic injection directly to the production line: within the value chain of our clients, we are taking over more complete production of subsystems and pre-assembled component groups. The latter, naturally, leave our production only after passing 100% of the output control.


    Gerdes Kunststoff-Technik takes over as a trustworthy partner for this important quality assurance function on the client's side. Confidence in terms of quality and process is A&Z of our action.

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